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Put down a finger if...

You found your dream website template, yet endless tweaks have morphed it into something unrecognizable from the polished, professional design you initially fell in love with.

The promise of saving time and money with a template has backfired, turning into a time sink that's costing you more than just frustration.

Being a web designer was never on your agenda (and why should it be?), but here you are, trying to fill those shoes.

You feel stuck between a rock and a hard place because a custom site is not in the budget, but you're not settling for ordinary.

You know exactly how your dream site looks in your head, but making it a reality? That's where things fall apart.


There's a middle ground and you're looking right at it.


Showit Template Customizations

For the business owner who’s needs a beautiful and strategic website launched swiftly and efficiently. With a fast paced timeline, we’ll be able to get you launched quickly and confidently at a fraction of the cost of a custom website. Choose a Showit template, and we'll customize it to work for you and your business.


We'll implement the brand (logos, color palette, fonts) you already have


2 Week Timeline



You'll get a website and a full branding suite (logos, color palette, font curation)



4 Week Timeline


All pricing in is in USD.

What's Included:

  • Vanilla + Oak Template
  • Customization of up to 5 Pages + Blog
  • Brand Implementation (logo, fonts, colors)
  • Content Implementation (copy and photos) 
  • Minor tweaking to canvas layouts to fit content 
  • Mobile Optimization 
  • CRM + Email Marketing Integration
  • Domain Configuration
  • Personalized Training Videos 
  • 14 Day Post Launch Support 


Optional Add-Ons

  • Extra Template Based Pages - $250 per page
  • Custom Designed Pages - $400 per page
  • SEO Starter Kit + Implementation - $750
  • Branding (Logos, Font Suite, Color Palette) - $1200
  • Shop + Product Template - $450

A template customization might be right for you if:

You’ve outgrown your current website and want a customizable site that you can control and edit yourself in the future.

You don’t want to DIY all by yourself and want someone customize it for you.

You like having the framework of a template as a starting point, but want it to feel tailored specifically to your brand.

You can get all your website content together quickly and have a somewhat simple site in mind, not 15+ pages or e-commerce needs.

You know exactly who your ideal clients are, your offers and services, and have ideas for your website that just need a designers touch to be brought to life .

You trust our design expertise and are open to the creative process of starting with a template as a base that aligns with your vision and goals. 


“I feel proud and confident about my new beautiful brand and website!”

Chanel will make sure you get what you dream of. She is a great communicator, listener, and is very effecient at what she does. I felt she was perfectly in sync with my mental images and ideas. You will not regret the value in which you gain working with her." 

alex, naturally nourished

“It was the easiest, most organized process for hiring a designer to build my website.”

Working with Chanel helped make me feel a lot more clear, organized, excited, and motivated about my growing private practice. The homework before hand also pushed me to do all of the leg work with the accountability I needed. That solved the procrastination problem for me and allowed me to do a deep dive into building the brand + website.


lynsey, the cooper collections

Chanel did an incredible job of directing the process and understanding what I was trying to communicate. It was so exciting getting to see things come to life and Chanel does a fantastic job of understanding what you want and need.

 “Absolutely worth the investment to see your brand come to life.”

“Chanel used her expertise and skills to translate my ideas into a vision.”

My favourite part was knowing that I could always depend on Chanel. That she would listen, and understand. It's not that frequent to come across people who are totally dependable and punctual as well as sensitive and understanding, but I think this is exactly who she is.


The Customization Experience

how this all works


Project Content Prep

Through an intake questionnaire, we’ll discover more about who you are, what your business does and your website goals, wishes and needs. This will also include prep work such as providing your branding assets, writing your website copy, organizing and preparing your images, and providing all login details.  


Customize and Tailor

Once all content is provided and we’ve locked in a start date, the first week will be spent customizing the template. You’ll get a sneak peek of the homepage by mid-week, and a full look at your customized site by Friday. 



You’ll get the weekend to review your new website and leave feedback for your first revision round. The second week we’ll make any refinements, and you’ll get one more chance to leave feedback to make sure you're 100% happy before wrapping up. 


Launch in no Time!

By the end of Friday, we’ll hand off your website, and launch! (please note, you may need to account for 3-5 days to complete any blog migration or domain connection before your site is live).

Browse the Transformations


Visual person? Need to see the full makeover? No problem. here's a sampling of few of our favourite template customization transformations.



Showit Template Customizations

For the business owner who’s needs a beautiful and strategic website launched swiftly and efficiently. With a fast paced timeline, we’ll be able to get you launched quickly and confidently at a fraction of the cost of a custom website. Choose a Showit template, and we'll customize it to work for you and your business.


We'll implement the brand (logos, color palette, fonts) you already have


2 Week Timeline



You'll get a website and a full branding suite (logos, color palette, font curation)



4 Week Timeline


All pricing in is in USD.

Frequently Asked Questions

To ensure that you have everything ready to go for your template customization, you’ll need to provide all your branding assets (logos, colour palette, web font files), photos, and web copy before we get started. I’ll have one place for you to easily submit, along with helpful resources so you know exactly what you need to do and how to do it. We will not be able to start until all of your content has been submitted and reviewed. 

The template customization is a 2 week process, and if we’re doing branding and website, the total timeline is 4 weeks (2 for brand, 2 for web). Depending on how prepared you are for the prep work, we suggest accounting for a few weeks to get it all together. Once the project has kicked off, you’ll need to be available to provide feedback within 24 hours to keep the timeline on track.

We recommend choosing a project date that doesn’t conflict with any off-grid vacations or any other big commitments where you won’t be able to set time aside to provide thoughtful feedback or approve designs.

We won’t redesign the template from scratch, so the foundation you choose is crucial. Think of it as selecting a home with good bones—it’s essential to start with a template you genuinely like because we can't turn a template into something it's not. What we can do is remove, duplicate, re-order and make tweaks to canvas sections to fit around your content, and even design a few custom sections if needed. We’ll also add in all your branding assets, photos, images and web copy.

PLUS, you get the eye of a skilled designer to tailor it specifically to you, and push every pixel into place so you leave with a professional and functional website.

If you don’t already have branding assets, we can either use the fonts and colours already in the template or you can add on branding to your template customization for $1200. Our branding package includes a custom logo, curated colour palette, and font suite selection. Allow an extra 2 weeks to the timeline if branding is added. Please note, we do not work with DIY branding. 

Your new website will be SEO-ready with proper heading tags, page titles, and optimized images you provide, resized and labeled for search engines. If you want deeper SEO optimization including researched keywords, we offer an optional SEO Starter Pack + Implementation add-on for $750, in collaboration with an SEO specialist.

Copywriting is not included, but we’ll use a mockup of the template you can use to help structure and write your own website copy. If you need a helping hand with your web copy, we're more than happy to recommend some amazing copywriters or DIY copywriting templates to you. 

If you're hiring a copywriter, we recommend booking your template customization simultaneously, so you can start to work on the other project content while your copy project is underway. All web copy must be finished and submitted for review before locking in a project start date. 

Yes! If none of our templates are a good fit for your vision, we can work together to find a template from another designer, or recommend you to some of our favourite shops. Already have a template in mind? Mention it in your inquiry so we can assess if it’s a good fit. Not all templates are made equal, and we want to make sure we’re starting off with the right template that will work and grow with your business. 

Any of the optional add-ons (extra pages, SEO starter kit, etc) are at an additional cost. Some other things to budget for include font licenses, a monthly Showit subscription, a domain if you don’t already have one, a privacy policy (required by law for your website), terms and conditions (not required but recommended). Other optional costs could include third party integrations such as email marketing platform, scheduling tool, or a customer relationship manager for lead captures. If you use another designer's template, you are responsible for purchasing it separately and no discounts will be offered on the template customization service. 

Yes! My number one priority is making sure that you can make edits and adjustments once we’re all finished up - without being dependent on a designer. Afterall, your website is your greatest business tool, you should have complete control. Showit is a fully drag and drop platform and you can easily make updates and manage everything yourself. 

Along with 2 weeks of post-launch support with me, I will provide you with personalized Showit and Wordpress tutorials that cover everything from making basic updates and anything more technically specific to your website.

If you want someone on retainer for edits or maintenance, or don’t have the time or want the responsibility of updating your website on your own - this is not the service for you. 

I want you to get the most out of your investment and time together, and that means confirming we have all the necessary details and assets to start your project off without any delay from waiting on copywriting, booking a photoshoot, etc. As soon as all your project content is submitted, and reviewed, I’ll send you a project availability calendar to lock in your start date.

I usually book anywhere from 1-3 months in advance, and all start dates are on a first-come-first served basis. So the quicker you can get all your assets to me, the more available start dates you have to choose from.

If you plan on working with a brand designer, copywriter, or doing a brand photoshoot, we recommend booking your template customization ASAP so you can get started on submitting your project content and lock in your project start date as soon as everything is ready. 

If you don’t have the time to complete all the website pre-work or working with a designer just isn’t in the budget, head over to the Showit Website Template Shop and check out the template options you can fully DIY. 

If you’re not sure if a template customization is right for you, send us an inquiry and we’ll chat about your website goals and vision to see if a template customization is a good fit for you or not. 

Ready to go from template to tailored?


You've poured your heart into your business, now it's time to let your website reflect that dedication without adding to your workload. Don't let your website slow you down.  Book now and take the next step in your business journey. Because when your website works hard, you can focus on what matters—growing your business and serving your clients.